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My hair just never grows past a certain length

Do you ever feel like your hair only grows to a certain length and then just stops? One thing I would ask you to notice is your roots growing out? If you color your hair that's easy to tell. Most of my clients its very clear that their hair is growing because there roots definitely need a retouch, so what is happening? Unfortunately there is only one answer to this question and that is their hair is breaking from the bottom which prevents it from getting longer. No worries though, I have helped many people to fix this process, here is a couple of solutions: In order of importance!

1) Get on a regular hair schedule! You will want to make sure you get those ends "dusted" like the haircut that doesn't feel like a haircut. I know this feels counterproductive but it is very important because once those ends split, they split up. If you have not done this in a long time and you already have lots of split ends I recommend you come ever 6 weeks if you don't want to lose too much in one sitting. Than you can get on the every 12 week plan. I have had many new clients who have never been on a hair schedule and by there 3 visit they are AMAZED at the results of their hair!

2) Have a split end treatment every 6-12 weeks. With the client I have helped to reach success to get their hair to their desired length, they get a treatment with that first dusting so that they can trim as little as possible. They then get a treatment that gets blown in their hair and sealed in with a flat iron. It lasts for 6 weeks assuming good maintenance products are being used between salon visits,

3) Daily products is so important! They make or break your hair (literally!) There are lots of great products out there and there are a lot of terrible products out there that have just great marketing. This is the foundation of great hair. for this specific problem I would recommend Zenagen's Evolve. The treatment is a shampoo you use every other day that you leave on for 3-5 minutes. It promotes your hair growth to grow 40% faster plus it repairs those ends so you don't get breakage. I have seen this one product work wonders many times!

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